The poet, essayist, and editor Andres Ajens, reading poems in Spanish and Aymara outside the Palacio Quemado, the historic offices of the President and executive branch of the Government of Bolivia, in La Paz,  November 2015. Ajens reads from two poems contained in Bolivian Sea (Flying Island Books, Macao, China, 2015), which are also published in the collections Cúmulo lúcumo(Ed. 3600, La Paz, 2015, y Das Kapital, Santiago, 2016). The poems, which call for Ajens’s country of Chile to cede a Pacific Ocean outlet to Bolivia (Ajens has long led an international campaign on the issue), are titled “Estudios bolivianos nº 11,” and “Yaqha layqha pichhitanka.” The film is part of the video proyect “Camina el autor” (The Author Ambles), directed by Pamela Romano, a filmmaker and poet from La Paz.