Personal Departures
The last Berrigan gone. April 31, 2016, Murray-Weigel Hall,
Fordham University, Bronx – Father Daniel, at the age of 94.
(Brother Jerry departed at 95 on August 2, 2015. Brother Philip,
war hero, priest and then not, 11 years behind bars, departed at 79
in 2002.)
Every day and way from burning the 60s
to bring the Vietnam War to ground
for which he did hard time
to raising the cry of Occupy at Zuccotti Park in 2012
The daily reminder that year-by-year
decade-by-decade, century-by-century
the struggle continues – that as much as he
we must raise our voices
we must act and when survival dictates
go under so that all can see
each of us must bear our Hiroshima child from hell
The struggle is as perpetual as the Buddha
as persistent as Christian truths lived as spoken
as permanent as the sounds of our marching feet on the streets
demanding life not death and peace not violence
A man of the word. A man of the cloth. A man of hope.
His markers measure a path for us to follow.
Today a wave of consciousness has reached its shore.
Today, a wave of joy for a fight well fought and a life well won.
Today a wave beneath our hearts for what
Has been left undone.
                                                                                               Robin Eichele
                                                                                               April 2016