Canlitpo stock market up slightly on news of a massive capital investment by Griffin Industries and its venture capital arm, Circus Maximus Poetry, Inc.

Meanwhile, in the US, the Conpo sector fluctuated wildly as KG&VP, Inc. continued to fight off hostile takeover attempts by angry po-investors demanding it cease and desist using black bodies in its manufacturing processes. Stockholders in KG&VP claim its spectacle value remains undimmed in the light of its continuing elevation to the front lines of social media.

In related news, Ronsill, Inc. well known for its continuing attempts to take over the last independent ponews outlets, cornering the North American market and propelling it into international competition with the Murdock Empire, lost ground in the face of detailed rhetorical critiques of its ill-considered buy out of devalued KG&VP, Inc. shares.

In breaking international news, stock values in Charles Olson Industries fell on news that a hostile Mexican cartel with genealogical ties to the Spanish Reconquista had issued a hit on Olson in order to replace him with Charles Beanstock, well-known CEO of Pobiz International and behind the scenes power broker at the Great Philadelphia Poetry Warehouse. Rumours have it that the cartel, in behind the scenes stock manipulations, is attempting to reignite the Mexican-American War of 1848 in order to rewrite history and absolve Mexico of any connection to racism or the Spanish Empire.

Meanwhile, an announcement by the Canadian Government of a fundamental reorganization of its Sugar Teat Bond issues threw Canlitpobiz into a chaotic fluctuation by promising to pit various arts sectors against each other in the scramble to secure state funding.