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Office Dispatch #2 – Empire and the end of Dispatches from the Poetry Wars

Bridget Fontaine at Areski – Ma Rue 1974, selected by andrew whiteman and Adrienne Amato (with link to other)


John Roche — Litmag as temporary autonomous zone: on revelation, Ken Warren’s ‘House Organ,’ and expecting the   impossible

Stephen Ellis – Some notes on Kenneth Warren’s cultural dynamism within the on-going stasis of psyche in war mode

Miriam Nichols – Wild Space: Thinking Space through Modern Poetry and Indigenous Art

Philip Metres – Reading Adrienne Rich on the Greyhound Bus

Peter Valente— A Selection of Apollonius of Tyana’s Letters, translated and with a note on Olson’s Apollonius of Tyana: A Dance, with some words, for Two Actors 

Tyrone Williams – Postmodernism and politics

Michael Boughn – Olson, Empire, and the thinking of America

Brooks Johnson – The poetics of stateless democracy: A Review of To Dare Imagining: Rojava Revolution


Stephen Ellis/Dispatches on John Ashbery

Barry Schwabsky

Andrew Levy

Gerrit Lansing / Donald Byrd

Julien Poirier on Ashbery and LeGaillard

John Ashbery (?) on “The Latest in Poetry”

Donald Wellman 

Robert Buckeye 

George Bowering

Exchange on Lerner review (Brian Ng, Kent Johnson )

Exchange on China (Lucas Klein, Kent Johnson, Benjamin Hollander)

Andre Spears 

Ammiel Alcalay 

John Bradley 


Lester in Paris – his last days (video)

Prez speaks IX, by Jamie Reid (video)

Robin Blaser reads “It springs on you” (video) 

from the Olson/Maud library:

 — Catalog of the Maud/Olson Library

 — John Clarke to Ralph Maud on jazz

 — John Clarke to Ralph Maud 25 November 1986

  — Robert Creeley to Ralph Stanton, 1994, on Ralph Maud

 — Ralph Maud to Donald Allen

 — Patrick Dunagan to Ralph Maud

 — Ralph Maud to Richard Aaron

Shao John Thorpe – Poetry as Air Traffic Control (1984) (pdf)

Diane DiPrima – Revolutionary Letter #7

Letter in defense of Baraka

intent 2.1 (Heaven issue)

Larry Goodell – Ken Irby, a memento 

Andre Spears – Warlords of Atlantis: Chasing the Demon of Analogy in the America(s) of Lawrence, Artaud and Olson

Paul Celan, from Microliths, tr. Pierre Joris


John Clarke and Charlie Keil, “Neolithic Man without Fravarti” (video)

Matt Turner – Thought and/or magic in Jeremy Prynne’s The White Stones

Judith Copithorne – 4 pieces

Philip Metres – Sometimes one drop is enough to change the whole ocean: an interview with Aigerim Tazhi 

Henry Gould – The Love of Poetry: a review of Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry

Linh Dinh – 4 photos from Pax Americana

Andre Spears BOOG talk 

Excerpts from: Dear President: A Message for the Next Commander in Chief from Fifty American Poets and Writers

Sharon Thesen on strife

Victor Coleman – a review of Ed Dorn’s Derelict Air: From Collected Out

Dispatch #26 – ideological baggage and the poetics of political being

John Ashbery – “The Latest in Poetry”

Dispatch #25 – the necessary beauty of strife

Dispatch #24 – Harriet sees the light

Dispatch # 23 – News of Dareen Tatour via Ammiel Alcalay

Kenneth Warren celebration notice

Flarf pottery wiki

Infrarealista tee-shirt

Pobiz stock index update 20 July 2016

Kent Johnson reviews Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry

Chinese photo

Found poem


Harvey Brown – Two poems

Sherry Robbins – Five songs from Unfolded

Garry Thomas Morse – Gatekeeper consultations n#2

Andres Ajens – SEGUNDA muerte de Nicanor Parra:

Three poems by John Ashbery (?)

A portfolio of poems inspired by John Ashbery’s, “The Latest in Poetry”

Andre Spears – Ship of State (part 1)

I Goldfarb – Summer Travelogue

Rodrigo Garcia Lopes (Brazil) – Four poems translated into English and three poems by Garcia Lopes in Portuguese. 

Ruth Lepson – “I wish you had stayed until the study was painted”

Jed Rasula – Two pieces from Hot Wax

Un poema de Malcolm Lowry, tr. Rodolfo Ortiz

Emily Izsak, Three poems from Whistle Stop, a locomotive serial poem

Three Uruguyan poets

 — Amanda Berenguer, tr. Mónica de la Torre

 — Marosa Di Giorgio, tr. Susan Briante and Jeannine Pitas

 — Silvia Guerra, tr. Alex Verdolini and Gillian Brassil

David Lau – SKID ROW-KYO

John Tritica – from Spruce Bark

Andrew Levy – The Evangelist Foresees the End of Time 

Joe Napora – Snaketrain / Freightrain – a poem in four parts

Daniel Zimmerman – Two poems

Jared Schickling – Lake Niagara Green, which is to say clear

Stephen Ellis –  Six Transflections based on several of Rimbaud’s ‘Illuminations’, by Stephen Ellis 

Matt Turner – Prose poetry statements

Jeff Harrison – Three poems

Bill Friend – Suburban poems

Barry Schwabsky – Four poems

Robert LeGaillard, “Silicon Valley of the Shadow of Death”

Ed Sanders – Isis in the Solar Barque Bearing away RFK


Eric Gelsinger – Intro: Poet’s fiction

Miriam Atkin – Two stories

Damian Weber — Conan the barbarian priest poet

Kyle Proehl – Colors 

Carlos Vasconez — from La Vida Exterior, tr. Eric Gelsinger