thanks, Dispatches, reading between layouts here.
just a thot, and not much more than that:
what will come of imprecations toward public figures, whether they are artists or diabolisms of any other institutional specter (i think of the re-incarnations of Woodland Pattern right in the midst of such blatant fascist maneauvers by that state, as if they are moves on a chessboard in a game of chess that has very little tio do with reality EXCEPT that when reality sours the game being played has to have its courtesies and its rules obeyed in a kind of noveau roman to the prevailing reality. so that, in effect, we are where? in an affectation? a pretend? an alice-in wonderland kind of art epoch….). I wonder.
That wonder is not at all against such imprecation, nor the fillip it seeks to register, thereby turning a small wave into a bigger….rather, it moves in a kind of mirror-imagination to the jabs and the upper-cuts, the thrusts and imaginary parries. In short, there is no one there, in that specter, that stolid prod-receptor.
So the wonder is what? An inaction? What does action require? I mean yes, a body. Are these specters embodiments?