Someone ought to write a piece of some sort about the relationship between Nixon’s dehitching the dollar from gold at Bretton Woods in 1971 (silver had already been dumped  in 1959), thus making the dollar an entirely narcotics-based currency (what the Vietnam ‘war’ was actually all about), and the debasement  of poetic currency which started at about the same time (with ‘This’ in 1971 and other subsequent ‘post-avant’ literary journals), supported by Marxist theory, wide in assimilating the provincialism of many of the rest of us, and distorting or removing whatever ‘value’ meaning had, before Donald Regan’s crew and altered banking law created the S&L scandal and, through General Secord and his conspirators, the inter-related Iran-Contra affair  (wasn’t Lt. Col. Oliver North a force majeure in the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E movement?) which finally began to ‘out’ the ways in which money (so-called ‘earned dollars’) is basically the waste-product of debt (clarified to an even greater extent in 2008), just as in Language Poetry practice, poetry assumed a similar role, as the waste product of theory.  As French post-modern deconstructionist poetic theory became increasingly the norm, American university English departments backed up to those still-Roman (Renaissance) baptistry doors whose minions already had their zippers open, like briefcases with their pants down.  And things, like they say, haven’t changed all that much.  Or, I mean, like, at all.

– Kid Gillette