Dispatches –
Thanks for sending me a reminder of my late youth. That catalogue was prepared from the days when Michael Hoffman of Aperture was trying to build Small Publishers’ Company. It was not successful. Another fellow who tried to make sense of the Frontier Press operation was Herbert Mordano—the inventor of that great series of little books that Collier put out. They were black and white, small, looked obviously like a series— wide, wide range of titles and extremely well-distributed. That’s what attracted us to Herbert. Unfortunately, that did not succeed either.  Those Collier books were the model for the little series I produced for Frontier: such as Lenz, Some Business Recently Transacted in the White World,  and of course Spring and All.
As I remember, of books listed in the FP Catalogue, in the end several were not published by FP. The Appolonius of Tyana ended as a complicated dream. I still have the sketches but it proved far off base. I don’t know about The Scrap Book by Brakage, or Point Omega or Para Chronicles. Hunkers The Evening Sun Turns Crimson was eventually published by another press. I’m pretty sure that New England Rarities did not appear under the Frontier Press imprint.
I appreciate the memories.
Best wishes,
Ron Caplan