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I offer this poem as an example of the proper way to plagiarize:
Best wishes,
P.J Laska



There is a god dying in America

                     –  Allen Ginsberg


The Fall of America was

worth the Award even

without the fall


prophecy wandering

deserts elegiac

barefoot seeing


devils of dust

silver years decay

fall and fragment


ruling war cult’s

fetish formulas

old white men


devising new wars

covert, low intensity

fought by client dupes


and hate groups

asset killers secret

in plain sight


prophecy’s flux

dream consciousness

outside time alert to


mountainous removals

flash floods

and drying out


waste debris choked

oceans weakened forest

wheezing in flames


die-offs kill offs

people plants animals

continuous blood


sacrifice never enough

to satisfy the idols

of America—