Thank you Dispatches,
To me, the most electrifying moment in the [Duncan/Watten/Zukofsky] audiotape occurs when Duncan says, in his translation of Catullus – on which Watten puts much focus and what he says really interests him in Zukofsky– “Zukofsky trivializes Catullus” (as Picasso trivializes Velazquez). Implicit in that remark is the idea that Language poetry, whose poetics Watten is implicitly propounding discussing the Zukofsky translations of Catullus, trivializes language.
I also was very struck when Duncan says Zukofsky wants to make his “monstrous,” alien language American language. The comment reminds me of the essay “Questions of Accent” and what I want to do with Eda – turn Eda into the American poetics.