Dear Dispatches –

The guy who plagiarized Angelou had dementia. No prior. So maybe we can let that go. I regard myself as a channel. If someone likes something I wrote enough to swipe it then I consider it a mixed blessing. They liked it. They passed it on. I get to bust them. Their risk. My most disappointing steal was from a prof who took an essay  word for word and gave it as a paper at the Learned Fellows. Then he published it in the Dalhousie Review. That was pretty disturbing. My dad, a copyright lawyer, said, Pity him, he has no words and you have so many. True. When the prof died, they mentioned me as a star student in his obit. Go figger. We have bigger problems to worry about. Racism, Oligarchs, fires, floods, earthquakes and the toddler in the White House. Keep on keepin on. Eye on the Prizes, freedom, justice, not the small cheese literary glory.

– Linda Rogers