Hi guys:

Huge congrats on another fantastic release.  You’ve amassed a ton of material in such a short time.  And I have to say, it’s projects like yours that keep me from completely disengaging with poetry land.  I’ll bet it’s brought some back in.  Is there another journal out there, print or online, that’s pulling together invaluable criticism, journalism, the news, poetry, conversation, satire in this way or to this extent?  Is there anyone else out there publishing Stephen Ellis?  And there is the underpinning of Olson to it all.  That, too, I think, it’s invaluable.  In particular it’s informed me (and I presume some others) of Olson’s treatment postmortem.  Many of us will be sad to see it go.  I’m still mulling that one over, the announcement of closure, it’s appropriateness — as your letter seems to want to indicate, that closing shop is appropriate — not to mention the futurity of it — it’s an odd move — and the oddity works, perhaps, I certainly shall see, the interest is piqued — from here on out I’m looking for some kind of arc to the Dispatches.

Regarding Silliman — and I’m writing as if he really did pass you that note, which, Kent, you know, it can be hard to tell — the response also seems appropriate, insofar as the VIDAs et al are most certainly paying attention, so you must respond.  But, from this corner of the globe, his missive doesn’t sound all that threatening.  It even sounds playful.  Now, I don’t know the man, just some of what he’s declaimed plus some chatter, but he’s been attacked roundly under these new dispensations laid out by their fascist poets of moral purity.  And yeah, comeuppance, there’s a good chance he deserves it.

Dispatches, those tabs would me most helpful — I am trying to find Brooks’s piece on Rojava, but without any luck, if you can believe it.   Please tell me where the heck it is.  It jobs my memory — I spent two months in Kurdistan and, it dawns on me, I have no recollection of seeing any women.  I’m trying hard, man, real hard, and most of the time was spent in the countryside, in the desert with two work teams, but we did make several trips into Van.  In any case, if you could point to its location on the website…

OK, thanks again, and not just for including my scribble in such radiant company.