Dear All,

Michael Taussig, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Dilar Dirik and I have just put together a book on the Rojava Revolution in Northern Syria, To Dare Imagining: Rojava Revolution, published by Autonomedia.

It includes essays by all of the editors, and also by David Graeber, Havin Güneser, Abdullah Öcalan, Nazan Üstündag, and many others, as well as interviews with the women fighters. It also includes a compendium of sources and resources, to find out more.

This is from my essay, “Hope in Rojava,” that opens the book:

“Americans should be praising the women warriors of Rojava for being the only military force that has been defeating ISIS in the field. They were the real heroines of the battle of Sinjar in Iraq that saved the Yazidis from ruin in August 2014. And they are at the center of the building of a new society of peace and justice in the Middle East. So why don’t most Americans know anything about them?”

We put this book together and got it out quickly, to try to get the Rojava Revolution into the public conversation in the U.S. as much as we can. We put up the money to print the first copies, and if we sell them, we can print more.

The book can be ordered directly from the Autonomedia bookstore, for $16, using any type of credit card, but only through PayPal, at:

Thanks for your support.
David Levi Strauss