Bom dia, Dispatches,
Despite my kindergarten-level computer skills and wood-fired browser, I enjoyed checking out your “65 Years of Outward” piece this morning… first time trying to get around your new site. Good job, lads…what a gift to those who can read or wanna learn! I’ve hardly looked around so far, but I like what I see…
Today I’m being pushed around by the pear tree in my back yard, a Clapp’s Favorite variety, the earliest pear around here and my favourite of all. The crop is huge this year and Clapps need to be picked at just the right time, a few days before they are fully ripe, so the rush is on. They must then be eaten, preserved or given away quickly, as I will do with the tonnes I can’t use. Canning is for women and naked houseboys (and you will please not report me).
Abracos do gringo perdido,
Boris of Uphill