Dear Kent & Mike,

I just wanted to send my support for yr editorial decision to print the recent Dispatch & to remove Dinh as one of the contributing editors. I know this was hard, especially for you Kent, as I’ve gone back & read Dinh’s contributions, & I realize this must have been difficult in more ways than way. Thank you Mike for the principled essay.
I’ve been trying to make sense of how someone like Dinh cd write such hateful, disgusting drivel as the essay at Unz, & I suppose one cannot any more than one can understand all the other examples of leftists who turn far right, but it does shake one, it certainly shakes one. I’m left pondering Dinh’s reasons for returning to Vietnam he cites in an interview linked at Dispatches: money he says, because he says nothing at his age, etc. which wd be otherwise unremarkable (I myself am now working in an exploitative factory ((building & repairing machines others must labor to keep up with) as a construction worker/maintenance man/machinist because I too like to eat & breathe & it’s all I can find for now) but then he says something to the effect of “and Ron Unz sends me a few thousand dollars every year.”
My point is not to draw connections where none exist, but only to make a point that a turn such as the one betrayed in Dihn’s essay at Unz, must have been brewing for some time, even unconsciously. The current political climate–indeed political landscape of crisis–allowed it to crystallize in the shape it did, no doubt with the encouragement of faux-revolutionary fascism of the machinery of Unz, that self-proclaimed genius, critic of all, heroic skeptic able to penetrate the mist of history to speak truth to power, that is to say, precisely, Jewish power, while providing a platform for promulgating the idea that the actually existing condition of blacks in America isn’t ever going to change, that’s what race is, after all, and so why shd anyone think there is any other historical materialism to explain black crime than the undeniable fact those crimes are committed by blacks? That’s just hard-nosed realism, like the fact whites abandon their beautiful buildings & neighborhoods only because they are truly the ones threatened.
Thank you for doing what you both are doing. I write this not to celebrate but to mourn.