Just read your poem Kent, another wonder.

Have you sent it to Seidel?

You know I’ve read all his books of poems and don’t ask me why.

I handled the new collected the other day and wasn’t sure I could bear a re-reading.

There is something tame and moderate at how his books are designed and published, a bit like Larkin’s, and even the poems have a certain kinship and superiority.

I thanked Mike for getting the Lunatics up and splashed as best I know he can. It still doesn’t pull up what is happening, being a lunacy, but at least we can provide the viewer with our website and the whole book. And that might not help either.

Is there help?

There’s a woodchuck living under the house. First time in 45 years. A skunk under the big woodshed which is where the woodchuck had resided. Every poet has a woodchuck. Thoreau had one. He shot it, and ate it.

all’s well, Bob