Lucas, you write:

“I understand that language isn’t private property, and that my intent doesn’t matter as much as my effect once I’ve written or said something publicly.”

I say: Good you understand: So this, then is a teaching moment, Lucas.

You write: “While I haven’t thought much of it before, I can imagine that statements my sentence reminds you of have been used to silence Jews from speaking out against Israeli policies. I imagine it may sound like the constant rightwing calls for Muslims to denounce terrorism, and I’m sure it must be exhausting.”

Yes, it does remind me of that.

And you write: “Though maybe not quite as exhausting as antisemitism infecting otherwise righteous movements to end oppression.”

As you said, language is not private, and I wonder if you know you have used a pejorative historical metaphor—the jew as parasite—to claim “it is exhausting” to hear “anti-Semitism” “infecting” other movements to end oppression.

First, did you mean to echo that metaphor?  Second, which movements do you mean?