Dear Emily Post-Avant,

I wanted to write you immediately. I just read your letter today on Heriberto Yepez, and I found myself nodding in agreement. Well said.

But it seems to me that Yepez’s sycophancy in that article towards Jerome Rothenberg is equal in hypocrisy to his love-o-rama for Bernstein: Yepez has made Olson out as an evil gringo for his “imperialist appropriations” of Mayan culture, but Jerome Rothenberg, who for decades has been appropriating every Ethno thing he can get his hands on is promoted as the gift to all Culture!

I guess it all depends on who’s buttering your loaf.

–K. Young, from the New Yorker

 Dear K. Young from the New Yorker,

Man, you are fast… And you are so right about that, Mr. Young. I didn’t know you read Spanish!