The Hound of Hades
Cerberus, like that Sage Dog Duncan told about
with red eyes & belonging to a Black man, will let
you in but not out, but when he saw Hercules
he ran and hid under his master’s throne,
this dog whose eyes sparkled with blue lights
like the sparks that leap up in the smithy of
a hard heart sounds very like the obdurate Los
which is Sol backwards just as the Dog is God backwards
in other words, Herakles, too, became lord of the Furnaces
which are seven, the structure of Hell, or Hill tops
of lost Traveller’s Dream, but became the Fountain
of the water of Freedom for our Lady when Albion
emerges, however primly altered our Hero
from having become a Dog husband to Deianeira.
Sept 28 1976
lady of Seaports [?]
—for Anselm
So the only way to restore the water to
your sampo is to solve the Dog problem
if you’ll notice at La Pasiega at the bottom
of the ladder there’ what Yeats said there
would be, a heart, a gondwanaland for you
if you can get that Dog of yourself to lead
you back out, you be that Blue-Diorite Blade
of a Typhon monster standing fourfold on top
of the hill for Her, Damkina, to fuck
so once again the other or under ground
river flows, the Anima Mundi, bred of a dog’s
admirer so what if you look like the Wolf-man
the Covering Cherub Blake took on so Milton’s Daughters
redeem Ololon, the liquid pearl of Themis’s Door.
Sept 28 1976
Dog Eats Bear
—for Lewis
So of course you can enter into the animal
like Otto Rank etc., but how are you going to
get out without Ariadne, otherwise the Dog
will eat up i.e. erase all your footsteps
which only she knows, her dark flow becomes
a gold string around your neck, each tug
pulled back carves a new notch on your erection
why Billie addressed Captain Vere without his stutter
though it would have been better to address
the Father’s Daughter is that what Williams
was always getting at not the city but Kore
in Hell, who Herakles speaks to before choking
Cerberus, but I am talking about the spirit of
the world not the Soul, Demeter in other words.

Sept 28 1976

[transcribed by Michael Boughn, Bruce Holsapple, and Albert Glover]