I am not submitting the poetry I promised to the magazine. One of the three editors of your magazine [Philip Whalen]  is participating in the San Francisco State College Poetry Festival.

This editor (who will receive ten dollars for his participation is aware as I am or you are that    1) S F College would like to turn all poets into cable cars.   2) A poet is not a cable car.   3) If a poet is gradually becoming a cable car he is gradually ceasing to be a poet.   4) He is telling others, who are too young to know better, that there is no difference between cable cars and poetry.   5) Poetry in a funny and metaphysical sense of the word is a Union and making it or yourself (which happens first) into a cable car is scabbing on the Union which can’t be broken but sure as hell can be scabbed upon.   6) Everyone who ignores these instructions ends up on KPFA or writing for the Examiner.

If it is a question of financial need, I would be very glad to give this editor eleven dollars not to read at the festival.

Jack Spicer