Flarf pottery is an avant-garde pottery interchange of the speedy 21st epoch. The dub Flarf was think up by the dude Gary Sultan, who also carved and keep secret the primitive Flarf lyric.[1] Its number one practitioners, be successful in open-legged pact on an email group snug, rummage-sale an attitude that prohibited the mores of regular people of lower means from coming and sightsaw maps and signs in chords and tones not like working class neighborhoods, where potters are resolved to be open-legged and chatty-roomed. One of their crotch moods, illuminated by Sultan in his Dreary Garden, now a landmark of the Pottery Foundation, was to plunge into the crotch hole of the Internet with sacred searching codes hip to hipsters then decant them hip terms into many fun and well-often crazy-hip hexameters for crotch dudes, plays and other texts, and things like sort, which mocked inferior people, not as hip by long shot as Sultan and his then henna-covered spouses, Ron Silliman and Barrett Watten, who once be honcho, like Lydia Sigourney, but now they’re dead in Gaza, just seething in pigtail smoke rings, chomping on dat cud of “What Happened to Us all of a Sudden, Lydia Abdullah, is this your thorax my only child?”[2] Etc. Pioneers of the movement include Jordan Davis, Katie Degentesh, Drew Gardner, Nada Gordon, Mitch Highfill, Rodney KoenekeSharon Mesmer, Mel Nichols, Katie F-S [whoever that is], K. Silem MohammadRod Smith, Gary Sultan and others. This Wikipedia page has over 1000 hits a month because Sultan and his fifty-something pals keeps the numbers up in theirs crotchees. This be written for deepest grim, in 2036, right before Apophis, is that it.