“I realize that anything I say will be used against me. I will be accused of victim-blaming and discouraging victims from coming forward. The hatred and gleeful malice I have seen directed at me, my family, and anyone with the temerity to suggest I am not a monster has shattered me. I have watched as individuals who have never met me spent the past few years relentlessly attacking me, treating it all like some sort of game, a way to carve out a name for themselves. They display their false virtue like the tail feathers of a peacock. One University of Alberta professor puts her hatred of me in her official bio . . ..”

Steven Galloway in his own words: I’m not a monster. I won’t let false allegations define me

See also Brad Cran’s thoroughly researched history of the events:

A Literary Inquisition: How Novelist Steven Galloway Was Smeared as a Rapist, Even as the Case Against Him Collapsed