Further to the Confucius Institute matters: this organization is more deeply & intelligently involved in controlling and suppressing writing the Chinese government doesn’t want to see read than the CIA & co. ever was able to do. 

(Though of course, those US authorities do do their bumbling best, and not just in Latin America or the Near & Far East. A little anecdote: in 1987 I organized an international poetry festival in Luxembourg, & went to the US Embassy to get travel money — which was refused in the case of Jerome Rothenberg on the grounds that this man had written somewhere that the US had committed genocide of Native Americans…words unacceptable to the US gov.)  

Back to the Con of Fusion Institutes: by teaching foreign students Putonghua [Standard Mandarin Chinese] using Standard Chinese Characters, i.e. the limited Chinese characters officially also imposed in school & used for printed material inside China (and seem by the Chinese leadership as one of the great achievements of the revolution), they make it impossible for anybody to actually read texts from before the Maoist period or even from Hong Kong, Taiwan and elsewhere. Much more intelligent than burning books or outlawing them or their authors! Just impose & teach a simplified language in which you can read state-approved materials but are unable to read anything else in the language…

Below, an extract from an interesting 2011 article by Michael Churchman published by the China Heritage Quarterly, The Australian National University :