OBU Manifesto # 213

Ah, Harvey Weinstein! Harvey Weinstein is gross, OBU avers. Sexy young actresses come in and out of his hotel rooms continually, hoping they’ll be given parts in his next project. And Harvey is a consummate professional; he looks only at their acting ability. He wouldn’t dream of touching them or propositioning them or performing weird exhibitionist just-out-of-the-shower, or here, would you like to meet my dick kind of stuff, or maybe pushing them on the bed and jumping between their legs, and may I introduce you to Mr. Jonah Peabody, and he wouldn’t dream of assaulting or raping anybody or even just copping a little feel, what’s the harm, hey, he’s got the Midas touch, you’ll be golden! No, that wouldn’t be appropriate or professional.

And OBU can’t help but noting that almost all actresses in almost all movies are physically, sexually attractive far outside of what might be thought of as the typical or average range of physical, sexual attractiveness. Must be a coincidence. Just like it seems almost all actors in almost all movies seem to be just fucking ripped, I mean how many hours in the gym does it take to look like just about any working actor in Hollywood these days? OBU is without question losin’ to the cruisin’.


OBU Manifesto # 845

The cultural imagination, OBU is delighted to say, is Babes and Dudes from stem to stern.


OBU Manifesto # 199

And Harvey no doubt was thinking, If I fucking own them, why can’t I fucking fuck them?! And the Harvey-thought was, Their status as commodity consists in what they command in the cinema sex-trade of which I am the Grand Pasha. Cute little things, they’re such good actors too, I gotta love it.


OBU Manifesto # 700

OBU asks, Are there any two things in this world better than money and sex?

If you can provide the one, you can procure the other. In either order, and at all levels of the economy.


OBU Manifesto # 351

OBU is trying to imagine a world in which there can be both respect and desire. It would not seem to be so difficult to do, but evidently, it is.


OBU Manifesto # 92

Donald Trump is the perfect president for our time.


OBU Manifesto # 698

Why rail against hatred? Everyone hates. Why rail against disrespect? Against cruelty? Against exploiting the power you have to satisfy your, what are they called, your “lusts”? Everyone loathes. Everyone has contempt for the “objects” one desires. Every bitch is a bitch, and every figure of innocence is a delicious blank on which to imprint oneself. Every young thing is that place you can never return to, unless you have the power to get there. The power is money… fame… prominence and influence in one’s profession.

And then there are particular moral stupidities and vanities such as the belief that all those young women who work under you and admire you actually want to engage in some sort of “dalliance” with you (is that still a word?); the belief that they want a “massage” from you when they feel “tense” (and why should they feel tense?); the belief that they want to feel how hard your penis has become just looking at their faces (certainly a compliment of some variety!); the belief that the babysitter is in love with you.

OBU has heard reports that the sexual desires of men of 60 are not very different from those of men of 25 or 35. What a curious and unfortunate circumstance. OBU is led to believe by responsible and confirmed observers that young women have quite different feelings toward men of thirty and men of sixty. Again, a circumstance much to be lamented–by men of sixty (the objects of whose desires having remained the same).

It is also, apparently, common knowledge that young men (and old!) have different feelings toward women of twenty than toward women of fifty. This too is a circumstance to be lamented–in fact, by all.

OBU, of course, as a collective body dedicated purely to justice and equality, has no personal comprehension of any of these matters.

But word gets around.  Donald Trump is President. The pussy hats are out of their bags.


OBU Manifesto # 2,177

OBU is immersed in barely credible networks of causality. Donald Trump is in a Moscow hotel watching Russian prostitutes engage in some really weird stuff. Cool. It’s all out, or coming out. The structures of contemporary desire and revulsion and contempt; the structures of exhibitionism and prurience; the structures of fetishes of power and vulnerability; the massive industry and corpocracy based on sexual fantasy and dysfunction.

Whatever floats your boat; don’t get stuck with the goat.


OBU Manifesto # 2,016

OBU wonders, what would a market economy look like based on women’s fantasies? What would cars and car ads look like? What would clothes look like? How would fashion shows work? Who would be models? Who would be movie stars? What would be the plots of hit movies? What sports would be popular? Would there even be “celebrities”? Would there be shoe contracts? Would college athletes take serious classes? Would women use power for sexual access? Would sex and power still be enjoying such a fine romance? Would fifty-year old women in the primes of their professional lives be universally attractive…Would there be poverty and hunger and homelessness?  Would there be war?

OBU likes those old feminist visions. OBU recalls that in Marge Piercy’s Woman on the Edge of Time, the domestic, nurturing life of child rearing is kept separate from the sexual intensities and  confusions of romantic partnership. Each person has sexual partners throughout his or her life, which more than likely will change; and will have an enduring partnership with co-parents (in teams of three) who do not have sexual relationships and are only devoted to raising their children.


OBU Manifesto # 1,001

When one of OBU’s affiliates was teaching in Tanzania a few years ago, she was with friends camping in one of the national parks. A baboon sauntered over and sat down under a tree. It was a large, full-grown male baboon. A baboon is a formidable creature, very much stronger than a person. You really don’t mess with a baboon. At another campsite, a few days before, a small group of baboons had walked through at dinner time, in quite a leisurely way, and took whatever food they thought might be tasty; took the food, directed a few grunts and gestures at the humans, and went on their way. They left a sign that read, “Anyone have a problem?” So, this baboon sat down under the tree and directed a bad-tempered gaze at the five or so puzzled and anxious people. Then, still staring at his human audience, the baboon began masturbating. It didn’t take long, maybe ten seconds until he ejaculated. The baboon ate the semen from his hand. Then he flicked his head a few times, stood up and walked away.

The baboon left a sign that read, “If you want a part in my movie, let’s do this again sometime.”


OBU Manifesto # 2,387

Leonard Cohen said that democracy was coming to the USA. He said, “It’s coming to the women and the men.” And he continued, “Oh, darling, we’ll be making love again.” So, does that mean that democracy will heal our damaged sexual relations? Or that repaired sexual relations will bring greater democracy? OBU would like to think there is some real connection between the two. Does sex deteriorate in periods of extreme hierarchy and power imbalances? Do images of sex proliferate? Does some general atmosphere of commodified eroticism  proliferate?

What then is “good” sex, without its price, its fetish, its fantasy theater, its ideological drama, its markets, its displacements? What is the sex life of democracy?