Manifest. To

Make much of

Many plus a few


manufacture the

many from the few

To fracture and put back together again

To make much ado. To do. To make

A mass, and walk inside their shoes.

To make shoes. To walk in shoes

You’ve made. To make a mess.

To walk through mess

To make a mass. To walk through

Opened doors, opened windows

Closed doors, closed windows.

To hit the pavement with your feet

To put your feet where your mouth is

To manifesto is

Door to door, hand

To mouth to hand.

To manifesto is

To shake up, wake up, shake

Many hands, plus a few.

To manifesto is

To walk with the many and the few.

To manifesto is to

Wake up shake up make up

The many from the few.

To manifesto is to

Confess profess

Door to door

Hand to hand

Mouth to mouth. To

Manifesto is now.

Manifesto is new.


take apart, take a part

Take part

the many with

the few



see good, to

do good, to

make sure everybody

has enough goods.

to be taxed with the good

to pay taxes for the good

to pay tribute

to contribute

to distribute, to re-distribute

to make sure the goods get

all around, all the way

(up down) all

to everyone.

to round out

square holes

to square up

round pegs

to be

square, or avant-garde

to be on guard

doing good

to make sure everybody

gets the good,

gets the goods.



care, to care for, to take care

of things, to take care

of people

to be careful

to pay careful attention, to attend


to the care of people and things;

to be care free


What did Marx mean when he said the bourgeoisie

was a universalizing class? It was Marx, wasn’t it,

who called the bourgeoisie universalizing?

Maybe not, but I think so. I think he did.

I think he meant–

peasants don’t universalize,

aristocrats don’t universalize,

the bourgeoisie is the only class

to universalize difference

into difference.

Peasants don’t.

Aristocrats don’t.

Dogs don’t.

Maybe cats do. Maybe cats

are a universalizing class.