Dispatches has received a communique from an anonymous collective called OBU, announcing a sixteen-part Manifesto. The group has stated that it intends to send Dispatches one section every week over the next four months. The Manifesto apparently meditates on the current conjuncture and calls for the formation of a diffused cultural resistance of a brand new kind. The Manifesto as a whole is entitled OBU Manifestos 1-14 (Plus Two OBU Interludes). Past sections of the manifesto can be found under our Dispatches section tab, where they will be archived as they arrive. 


OBU listens to everyone who opposes oligarchy–even Trump supporters. These are opponents who will be allies.    

OBU will sponsor exchange programs. OBUs will stay in red zones for month or two stints, talking and listening, sharing species membership, configuring new American identities. And OBU will host curious red zone denizens to come to our urban bubbles to do the same.  


OBU does not believe that all differences can be reconciled, but we will do the best we can. We talk and we listen.   

OBU believes that the economic analysis of many Trump voters is correct. The white working class–together with the entire American working class–has been exploited, abandoned, and forgotten. The U.S. is an oligarchy ruled by and for the benefit of the wealthy and their adjuncts in the bourgeois professional classes. Certain sectors of Trump voters know this as well or better than we do. OBU hopes that ongoing conversation will help sever this economic and class analysis from the stigmatizations of racial-ethnic-religious-gender minorities that accompany it in the Trump ideological-strategic garbage dump.   

OBU does not in any way accept this racism, etc. It does not believe that civil or loving conversation can cure deeply held racist-xenophobic-homophobic, etc. attitudes.  


OBU is one of the granddaughters of the Beloved Community of the Civil Rights Movement.


OBU is One Big Union 

OBU is in the air searching for places to land.   

OBU creates unities across class and race and gender and employment status. If you recognize the injustice of the economic system, you are OBU. If you are determined to act, you are OBU.  


OBU insists on individual responsibility. We are all responsible to act with compassion. We are all responsible to work to create solidarities.   


OBU reserves its most disgusted derision for those who believe their main responsibility is to increase their personal wealth.  


OBU is descended from the International Workers of the World, the original “One Big Union.”   

OBU believes the answer is not in heaven, that we should say, who can go up to heaven to bring it down for us? 

OBU believes the answer is very close to us.   Where two or more are gathered, there is OBU.   

OBU is Oligarchy Busters United 

OBU says, catch up on your sleep whenever you can.   OBU is anger and love and energy and unwavering commitment.