At present our artists prefer borrowed vessels and feeble imitation of ready-made alien forms. If their way is not always a very reputable one, it is at any rate easy, inexpensive and familiar. Because for them literary form is not truly alive. But what is this form-in-the-air worth? The end is revealed even before it has begun. The world in my heart shall rule over me – all takes place along the skin and in my mouth. It says nothing yet brings something. It is not up to you to choose it. Apparently, “saying everything,” Walter Benjamin noted, is meant above all to destroy what has been said; or rather, once it has been destroyed, to turn it into an object. There are those who can voluntarily emit from their anus a variety of sounds without any unpleasant odor, to the effect that they appear to be singing from that region. There is nothing that would enable me to demonstrate how this is possible. Everyone is simply bending himself or herself between jobs and vocations impersonated by a walk-on actor whose arrogance is today the primary quality that the market demands from each person.