– with a nod to the fénéon collective 
Short Essay on the Queer Relationship between Poetry and Translation
The Rabbit of Translation is to the Duck of Poetry what the Duck of Poetry is to the Rabbit of Translation. Or vice versa. This is why neither one, ultimately, actually exists.

Short Biography of the Great Forgotten Poet Weldon Kees
If there is smoke, can fire be far behind? Yes, two days later, in the Tongass, an emergency crew found the burned-out cabin of the ancient hermit, Weldon Kees. “Hello, boys,” he reportedly said. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

* * *

Short Essay on the Politics of Poetry and the Poetry of Politics
No poet has quite figured out how to do the latter, but quite a few poets have made whole careers out of demure genocidal campaigns inside the former.

Short Biography of the Unknown Poet Amanda Bertin
Sick of it all, poet Amanda Bertin, 33, blew out her brains. A tragedy, yes… But then again (as the townsfolk of Cedar Rapids murmured to themselves), if you were only a poet, wouldn’t you blow your brains out, too?

* * *

 Short Essay on the Queer Relationship between Language Poetry and the New Criticism
The Duck of Language Poetry is to the Rabbit of the New Criticism what the Rabbit of the New Criticism is to the Duck of Language Poetry. Or vice versa. This is why both of them solidly exist, like rocks, in institutions.

Short Biography of Demetrius Johnson
Demetrius Johnson, MFA from Bowling Green, had neither job nor home, but he did have a few coins. At a grocery store in Toledo, he bought a liter of Drano, shouted some lines from Baudelaire, and drank it.

 * * *

Short Essay on the Nature of Certain Journals and Sub-Formations of the Post-Avant
Sometimes the sociology of adolescent cliques is on full allegorical display, as in stained glass, in coterie churches, of seriously ancient pedigree.

Short Biography of the Great Forgotten Poet Lew Welch
Oh, the things poets have to do to get a little press… On page 24, of the Sacramento Bee, the notice, in full: “The Beat writer Lew Welch walked out of the Sierras yesterday, near Nevada City, CA, forty-four years after disappearing, in the same area, without a trace.”

* * *

Short Essay on Fascism and the Avant-Garde
Ah, Fascism: It’s sort of funny, when you think about it, from the standpoint of genealogy–that you wouldn’t have the avant-garde, nor, naturally, any of its Neo progeny, without it.

Short Biography of the Neglected Poet Matthew Bellavoine

“If I don’t get an NEA this time around, I will shoot myself!” declared Creative Writing Professor Matthew Bellavoine, in Oswego. He shot himself.

[These essays first appeared in Denver Quarterly, 50.3 (2016)]