Urgent Event TONIGHT!
Belladonna* Collaborative joins Tamaas and 98 Weeks/Research Project Space to partake in an (extended) night of international protest readings for Ahmed Naji who has been imprisoned for the language he used in his novel, The Use of Life.
Please click here and here for general information on Ahmed Naji and links to his work and a petition and information about the protest readings. (See also the NYTimes article)
Here’s the information about tonight’s reading at the Belladonna studio:
8 PM – Readings and snacks!
Belladonna Studio : 925 Bergen Street; Suite 405 Brooklyn, New York 11238
* * *Dear Project Members, 

Tyrants often use the idea of “public morality” to squelch free speech; often at the same time as they are threatening, arresting, imprisoning, beating, sometimes killing, disappearing, or forcing into exile any writer who might fashion a sentence that they see as undermining their power.Ours is a project of Witness And Memory and we will not forget Ahmed Naji who like so many other poets, writers, and artists are seemingly a constant threat to the Egyptian government. M. Lynx Qualey has followed this story of unjust imprisonment since its inception and I want to link you to her site today.


https://arablit.org/2016/05/16/day-of-blogging-for-ahmed-naji-his-reading-recommendations/Read M. Lynx Qualey’s post and carry the story of Naji’s imprisonment to other poets, writers, and artists.

Note – Today, Ahmed Naji receives the PEN/Barbey Freedom to Write Award, in absentia, in NYC:As a poet I believe in the interior power of words and that the very act of writing/repeating a name can carry a sense of purpose/solidarity over many mountains and seas. Write Ahmed’s name three times on the blank paper that sits next to you right now. Fold that paper and put it in your pocket, carry it in all your senses throughout today.

Ahmed Naji
Ahmed Naji
Ahmed Naji

Let us all stand at his side…………….

In Solidarity,