Andres Ajens— Elogio a Jessica Sequeira

Ammiel Alcalay – Democracy in Action

Omar al-Nakib –  Elahi Sure

The Blunt Research Group—Good Night Moon, Ostranenie (Kellyanne Conway, in Steven Miller’s Dream)

Michael Boughn – “A Methodology for identifying fugitive apparitions in uncertain glances”: Chapter 6 from The Book of UncertainA Hyperbiographical User’s Manual.

John Bradley – from AgitProp Poems

Daniel Calabrese – 6 Poems, tr. Anthony Seidman

C. Cavafy – poem, Steven Manuel, tr.

Paul Celan – from Microliths they are, Little Stones, Pierre Joris, tr.

James Chapson – 4 for Kent

Lucia Daramus—5 poems

Helen Douglas – 4 Poems

Donna Fleischer – 2 Poems

Frank Francis – 8 Poems

Jeremy Freedman—4 poems

I Goldfarb – Avatars of the Muse

Albert Glover – Psyche Has Stolen the Arrows of Desire

Larry Goodell – Here We Are

Daniel Y. Harris—2 Exergues from The Tryst of Thetica Zorg

Robert Hogg – 4 Poems

Hiram Addison Jackson—To Make an Omelet of Poetry [link]

Max Jacob –A sampler from Derniers Poèmes, Peter Boyle tr.

Kendra Johnson – Toolmasters of the Universe

Kent Johnson—Because of Poetry and Discs of Snow

George Kalamaras— 5 poems

Kolden Karkrashium – Despatj Expurtamentalus Frum Bubbalin’ Dabalern Tewn

Evan Kennedy – from My Societies

Andrew Levy—Five Poems

Rupert Loydell—3 prose poems

Steven Manuel—3 Poems

John Martone – from Lingua Morta

Garry Thomas Morse –from Crystal Radio Kit

Boyd Nielson – from Dehiscence

Charles Palau – I am always beginning

John Ronan – Let Us Now Praise the NRA

Sam Sampson – A Question of Brightness

Mark Scroggins—2 poems from Zion Offramp

Anthony Seidman — 5 poems

Larissa Shmailo – 5 poems

Ravi Singh – 7 poems

J.D. Smith — 4 poems

Android Spit – Shrinkrap 4

Steven Venright— The Synergy of Straunge Wunder

Paul Vogel – from Accelerome

Anne Waldman – At Mountain

Lissa Wolsak – 6 poems from Lightsail

Maria Zajkowski—7 poems

Daniel Zimmerman— 6 Poems; Says who?



Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino – from Suicide by Language, a flash-fiction novel


Poetry Comics

Sancho comics #1, #2, #3



Emergency Dispatch #5: 3 Poems by Lal Singh Dil, & 3 Poems by Avtar Singh Sandhu “Pash” – translated by aditya bahl

Dispatch #37:  On Sexual Abuse in the Poetry Field and Consistency of Principle

Dispatch #38 – Mythic ideologies, ideological myths, and the other kind: Poetry, poetics, and the questions of myth

Steven Galloway in his own words: I’m not a monster. I won’t let false allegations define me (link)

Pierre Joris, photo to Dispatches from France

Pierre Joris, Strange and Wonderful Marriage of Poetry and Sports

Linh Dinh, Landline July 1 – July 15 (link)

Boycott Zionist Soft-Culture (link courtesy of Ammiel Alcalay)

Defend the Rights of Iranian Women to Dance! (link)

Beelzebub’s Email to a Grandchild Poet, by Sophie Merman

USACBI Condemns Attack on Palestinian Poet Dareen Tatour and Calls for Solidarity from Artists, Writers and Cultural Workers (link)

Investigative Poetry, by Edward Sanders

Protest Batsheva at Dance Fest Israel 70 (link)

Kent Johnson – The Debate That Died (link)

Remembering 1968, by Eric Powell (link)

Letter from CA Conrad

Dispatch #39 from Jack Spicer

Dispatch #40 – Charles Olson to Al Glover

Paul Nelson on the Bio Regional Poetics Conference (link)

Watten/Mackey and the Question of Myth

Exchange with CA Conrad

New work from Dispatches editor, MTC Cronin

Neruda’s Ghost (link)


PoBiz Stock Index Updates

Po Biz Stock Index Update, 15 July 2018 [Walt Whitman, Trigger Warnings, and CA Radcon]

PoBiz Stock Index Update, 8 August 2018 – Nation Poetry Scandal Rocks Market



intent. 1.2 (summer 1989)

Poetry Wars, 1978 — Documents from the Poetry Flash including “Of Duncan and Zukofsky on Film: Traces Now and Then” by David Levi Strauss & Tom Clark – “Stalin as Linguist”

Diane di Prima—Revolutionary Letters #36 – #45

Michael McClure interviewed by Paul Nelson, with reading at SFU, 2011

Michael McClure – The Surge (Frontier Press, 1969)

Anne Waldman interviewed by Paul Nelson

Jack Clarke — 3 Letters to Tom Clark on Charles Olson

Kent Johnson – The Debate that Died (link)

Omar Pérez interviewed by Kent Johnson

Paul Nelson – SLAB 25th anniversary celebration

Anne Waldman interviewed by Paul Nelson

Readings by Young Poets

12 new OBU Manifestos from various writers: Including Eileen Tabios, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Geri Lipschultz, Diane Stevenson, Dwayne Betts, Terese Svboda, Michael Davidson, and OBU

Duncan for sale

Charles Olson to Albert Glover, August 1966

Interview with Lissa Wolsak, by Kent Johnson

Three photos of Robert Creeley & others, Waldoboro Maine, c. 1990


Tarot (a new Dispatches feature)

Andrew Whiteman reads cards for Dispatches



Nathaniel Tarn – Hitler’s American Model

Nathaniel Tarn— Poetry, Myth, Belief: Thoughts on Reading Peter O’leary’s “Thick & Dazzling Darkness: Religious Poetry in A Secular Age”

Attonitos Impetum – Notes Against The Frog

Kolden Karkrashium – Energy Vampyres

Peter Boyle – Max Jacobs, master of the prose poem

Edward Casey – A Matter of Principle: On the Edges of Thought

When Censorship Is Crowdsourced, by Jonathan Kay (link)

Joel Bettridge – Problems and propositions: On where we find the avant-garde

Norman Finkelstein—“a gnosis of intimacy”:  Lightsail, by Lissa Wolsak

Bill Freind—Politics as Poetry III

Whit Griffin – Poetics of Reincarnation

Jonathan Kay – When Censorship Is Croudsourced (link)

Steven Manuel – Review of Modern Love: Songs, by Thomas Meyer

Joe Napora – Hearts Are Broken, a review of Tower Babel by Jack Spicer

Peter O’Leary – Interviewed by Steven Manuel

Justice Poeticus – Microreviews Vol. 7

George Quasha— The Mekas Effect

DR – The Dodges of Discourse

John Ronan – New Testament Air Drop

Lewis Warsh—The Lockout

Tod Thilleman – The Oligarch Is In Charge ( …and has to go), a review of Anne Waldman’s Trickster Feminism

Joshua Weiner – Introduction to the Trump poems (with new poem)

Dispatches Editor Ammiel Alcalay reviews Edward Sanders’ Investigative Poetry & Broken Glory: The Final Years of Robert F. Kennedy (link)

Dispatches Senior Editor Ammiel Alcalay interviewed at The Poetry Project (link)


Emily Post-Avant

Emily Post-Avant 4 July 2018 (on endemic, crass obsequiousness and the current scene)

Emily Post-Avant, 26 July 2018 — On “How-To,” the Poetry Editors of the Nation, and Poetic Sharks

Emily Post-Avant, 15 August 2018 (on-where-poetry-is-now)

Emily Post-Avant, 23 August 2018 [on Juliana Spahr’s Proposals for Making MFA Programs More “Socialist”]

Emily Post-Avant, 2 September, on Anthony Madrid and H.D.

Emily Post-Avant, 17 September 2018


Visual Work

Andrés Felipe Uribe Cardenas—Chewing Gum Poetry

David Baptiste-Chirot—A Gallery of visual work

Linh Dinh – 4 photographs from Pax Americana



Whit Griffin to Dispatches, 3 July 2018

An open letter from John Harris to Dispatches, 22 July 2018 – [on George Bowering]

An open letter to John Harris from Dispatches, 30 July 2018 [on George Bowering and postmodernity]

CA Conrad to Dispatches, and Kent Johnson’s reply

Omar Al-Nakib to Dispatches, 18 August 2018 (on Kuwait weather & Egyptian body builders)

Curious in Canada to Dispatches, 16 September 2018 (on Stephanie Burt, geese, and ganders)

T. Dixie to Dispatches, 17 September 2018 [on Curious in Canada’s quip & Emily’s trip]


Audio and Video

Julien Poirier—song for Jeff Sessions [link]

Russell Craig Richardson – Auto-da-fé

Radio interview with Sam Hamill, by Paul Nelson [link]

Thanks for for Coming [to the reading]—from a poet in England

Larry Goodell – Here We Are

Andrés Felipe Uribe Cárdenas – Contra TV

Android Spit – Shrinkrap 4