“Hinge overlaps with any poetry that respects the integrity of Language as event, where the words of, say Gertrude Stein or Jackson Mac Low, create their own sculptural resonance.  But, Hinge is definitively Not ‘word salad,’ a mix-mash of unlikely juxtapositions tossed together — mere gimmicky gamesmanship.  Nor is it “I”―based personal narrative, which is as dead as the Image.  Doctor Newell put it this way:  ‘Hinge is material of connectivity and introduces an intentional and generative biasing.  Like a pool table with all the balls commotioning and someone lifting the pool table slightly so all that activity is directed.  (With the additional image that new balls are being added all the time as the pool table itself enlarges).'”

Ephesus Glom: An Interview with Heller Levinson, Part 1