Here are two important links that i’d love to see at Dispatches – one about the Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh, sentenced to 8 years & 800 lashes by the Saudis (better than the original beheading by sword or life sentence) & the other about the great Iraqi poet Sargon Boulos (who translated Howl, by the way)…
this came via Beau Beausoleil of the fantastic al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here project:

Two important posts by M. Lynx Qualey, Editor of Arabic Literature in English). The first honors World Refugee Week with some excellent poems that speak to the heart of the matter.

And this second post relates to the unjustly imprisoned Palestinian poet, Ashraf Fayadh who should be freed immediately (with an apology) by the Saudi government. Most of our media is devoted to forgetting those unjustly incarcerated, but there are some people whose work is devoted to helping us remember what is important (sometimes prodding us into action) and we owe those people, like M. Lynx Qualey, a continuing debt of gratitude.