Dispatches — Winter 2018/2019 Release



James Berger—Threnody for the Death at the Borders

Stephen Bett – 3 poems

Eliot Cardinaux – Fault

Joel Chace – Threnody 25-32

Jim Chapson—11 poems

James Cook—5 poems

James Cook – Some of the Realms

Brad Cran—Sky Gilbert poem

Ruth Danon – 3 Poems

Helen Douglas – Pre’face & 2 Poems

Mark DuCharme—Crowds of Address; and An Unlikely Christmas Poem

Amy Evans – Clocks Go Back

Norman Fischer— Exaggerated Insistence of the Haunted

Lewis Freedman – 2 Poems

Robert Gibbons – To Imagine Her in Repose

Howy Good – 3 poems

Clive Greswell – judged by the flatness of the land

Aidan Healy—2 poems

William Heyen – A Reading of Whitman

Matt Hill—3 snarky poems

Zachary Jensen—3 poems

Kent Johnson—Two Poems for David Bromige

Hank Kalet—6 poems

Andrew Levy—The Narcissism of Minor Differences

John McGough—A Valentine for Gerrit Lansing

Rico Moore –  An Oil-soaked Dictionary*, aka notes from a trip to New Orleans, 2012

Joe Napora – Pigs and Craps

Murat Nemet-Nejat – Fatima’s Winter (with intro)

Mary Newall – 2 Poems

Mickey O’Connor—poems

Toby Olson – 4 poems

Jorge Ortega, tr. Anthony Seidman

Lars Palm – 10 poems

Jed Rasula—various and manifold: from Sophisticated Boom Boom

John Rigney – 2 poems (Lorca I see you, and for Nate Mackey)

Joe Safdie — Goodbye LaJolla

Tim Shea — No bottom to tempest, every one of us is a detail of the last judgement

André Spears — The Lovers

Richard Tagett — Sign Of The Cross

John Tritica – 4 Poems

Otilio Vigil Diaz—7 Poems, tr. Anthony Seidman

Corey Wakeling—poems

Dan Zimmerman—8 poems

A Portfolio of Australian Poets edited by MTC Cronin

Jordie Albiston – 5 Poems

Alison Croggon – For All the Voices Present, & a translation from Beowulf

Anne Elvey – 5 Poems

Kate Fagan – 2 Poems

Carol Jenkins – 2 Poems

Carol Jenkins and Julie Chevalier – Habeas Corpus

Justin Lowe – 4 Poems

Vivienne Mohan – 4 Poems

David Musgrave – 3 Poems

Nathan Shepherdson – 3 Poems



Buffalo celebrates 1968 [link]

Dispatch #40 – Mythtory, complexity, and the Nation/Carlson-Wee Affair

Dispatch #41—So You Think There Are No Poetry Wars?

Dispatch #41: An Informational (but Ethical) Note on the Poetry Foundation’s Leadership Team

Dispatch #42 – On Linh Dinh’s duplicitous, hateful rhetoric

Dispatch #43—On the Bollingen Prize and New Awards from Dispatches

Special Dispatch from Eternity from Vincent Ferrini

André Spears – Dispatch from inside Olson’s Brain

Help Sotère Torregian (link)

Photo dispatch from Nashville

William Heyen—Commentary on Walt Whitman

Book covers for Jeffrey Beam, Spectral Pegasus/Dark Movements

Janet Hamill announcement of Ian Wilson composition

Katherine Molinoff—Commentary and Pamphlet, Whitman in Southold

A Buffalo Celebration of 1968

Benjamin Zephaniah, Poet Laureate, Will Not Work for Oppressors

Announcing Hugh Seidman’s Status of the Mourned, from Dispatches Editions

A look at Charles Olson through the works of Kate Colby, Amanda Cook and Kate Tarlow Morgan (link)

Robert Duncan at 100: A Call for Proposals by Michael Franco

Zukofsky and Williams, by Tom Sharp (excerpted from The Objectivists) [link]

Dispatch #43, The Morality Clause—[link]

A review of A Stab in the Dark, by Facundo Bernal, trans. By Anthony Seidman [link]

Burt Kimmelman and Pierre Joris join Dispatches

Jed Rasula joins Dispatches

Mark Scroggins, Joe Amato, and Mary Catherine Kinniburgh join Dispatches

Susan Schultz joins Dispatches

Materia Prima announcement (book by UDP, of Amanda Berenguer)


Peter Anastas — A review of An Open Map (link)

Michael Boughn and Kent Johnson, What Whim Has Brought, an interview with the Chicago Review (link)

David Baptiste Chirot — Poetry, Waterboarding, Genocide, Rebranding–from El Colonel’s Files for the New Extreme Experimental American Poetry & Arts

Margie Cronin—First Prize as a Real Rose

Patrick Dunagan— WHERE DOES OLSON STAND NOW? Poetics and Precarity, Charles Olson and American modernism, and the 50th anniversary edition of Gunslinger

Despatj Expurtamentalus Frum Bubbalin’ Dabalern Tewn by

Norman Finklestein – Mark Scroggins’ Vast Machine – A Review of Pressure Dressing

Bill Friend — Poetry as Politics III

Tirzah Goldenberg — “Fiddling the Planetary Dials”: Gustaf Sobin and Kabbalistic Influence

Henry Gould – Supreme Fiction : Notes On The Long Poem

Whit Griffin: Peter Lamborn Wilson’s The New Nihilism, a Review by Way of Quotes

Kent Johnson—Preface to Two Poems for David Bromige

Kent Johnson—Poetry Wars in Chile: Zurita vs. Parra

Gerrit Lansing Memorial Portfolio

Aldon Nielsen  – White Mischief Redux (link)

Pat Nolan—Always Better than You Thought (Review of David Bromige’s Collected Poems) (link)

Pat Nolan—Some Assembly Required (Review of Bill Berkson)

Cheryl Pallant—Poetry Saying —On George Quasha

Justice Poeticus—micro reviews, Volume 8

Dead Poets on the Ouija Board [messages from beyond to Dispatches]

Joe Safdie—Vision Writing

Mark Scroggins—Review of OBU [link]

Tom Sharp—Bill & Lou (On Williams and Zukofsky) (link)

Roy Skodnick — A Wild Brave and Isolated Bohemia : a review of Outside/Inside, by Martha King

Andre Spears– Dispatch from inside Olson’s Brain at the MOL in Gloucester

Tyrone Williams – Alexander Pope on Speed: A review of Thomas Sayers Ellis, The Corny Toys (Arrowsmith Press, 2018)


Three photos of Robert Creeley, Susan Howe, and Michael Boughn, Waldoboro Maine, circa 1990

Buffalo Fluxus 2018 (a photo portfolio from Michael Basinski)

Complete Archive of Michel Deguy’s PO&SIE (link)

Letter from Graham Macintosh to Ammiel Alcalay, August, 2010, with handset broadside of poem by Jack Spicer [12/14]

The Disturbing Case of Whitman at Southold, Long Island, by Katherine Molinoff (a rescued document)

Robert Duncan – The Museum (1975)

intent. 1-4 Winter 1990 Aliens Issue

Robert Hogg – Photos

A record of emails between Kent Johnson, Michael Boughn, and Linh Dinh


Pobiz reports

PoBiz Stock Index Update, 7 December 2018 [Feds Take Down Rogue Poetry Plagiarist in Daring Café Raid]

Po-Biz Stock Index Update, 12 December 2018 [POC VIP PO Inc. Stocks Rocket after Kevin Young Appears on Front Page of NYT Business Section]



Sancho – The World Is Not Ro(tu)nd #4



Omar Al-Nakib on the rain in Kuwait, 18 August 2018

Craig Cotter on Whitman and the Sodom School

Steven Manuel, 19 November 2018

Julien Poirier to Dispatches

Dispatches to Julien Poirier

tod thilleman to Dispatches

Rejected from the Rockies to Dispatches, 10 December 2018 [re: laureates and boring poems]

Boyd Nielsen on Linh Dinh

Murat Nemet-Nejat on Linh Dinh

Gary Lawless on Amiri Baraka and Cuba [12/18]

Chas. E. Bolton [on Dispatch #41 and the Poetry Foundation [12/20]

David Baptiste Chirot to Dispatches, 13 January 2019 [on Linh Dinh]

Ian Keenan to Dispatches,  22 January 2019 [a defense of Linh Dinh]

Dispatches to Ian Keenan, 23 January 2019 [on Linh Dinh]

Joshua Weiner to Poetry Magazine, 22 March 2006

Pierre Joris to Dispatches, 13 January, 2019

Bob Arnold to Dispatches, 25 January, 2019

Emily Post-Avant

Emily Post-Avant 4 October 2018 [on the Nation and Aldon Nielsen]

Emily Post-Avant 17 October 2018 [reply to La Flaneuse]

Emily Post-Avant 25 October 2018 [reply to La Flaneuse 2]

Emily Post-Avant 30 October 2018 [on Paris Review Poetry RX and Ad Agencies]

Emily Post-Avant, 9 November 2018 [on the Commune LLC]

Emily Post-Avant, 13 November 2018 [on the Silence of the Commune Group]

Emily Post-Avant 17 November 2018 [on Juliana Spahr’s Odd Confusions in the Introduction to Her New Book, Du Bois’s Telegram]

Emily Post-Avant, 19 November 2018 [on Kate Colby and Charles Olson]

Emily Post-Avant, 4 December 2018 [on the Well Behaved Poet Laureate, Tracy K. Smith]

Emily Post-Avant, December 13, 2018 [Re: Harmony Holiday on Amiri Baraka and the Current Dispensations of American Poetry]

Emily Post-Avant, 28 January, 2019 [on Forgery and Other Stuff]



[by our exclusive reader—apprentice of the major Tarot master Enriquez Enriquez–andrew whiteman]

“Imaginary Iconology” – a Tarot methodology

Reading for Mike Boughn on son and horn

Reading for Kent J. on poetry under global warming

Reading for Sharon Thesen on the Public Realm



James Clarke Burbank—Untitled Outbursts

Johnny Payne—from Vampire Girl

Toby Olson—three stories

Pat Nolan— from Ode To Sunset, A Year In The Life of American Genius


Visual work

mIKAEL aND — A gallery of glyphs

David Baptiste-Chirot—8 Pieces

Rachel Blau DuPlessis — 6 collages

K.S. Ernst—14 pieces

Sam Sampson and Peter Madden — Maps 2019



Omar Al-Nakib—Counter

Ian Wilson — Getting off the path of least resistance


Virtual Chapbook

Andrew Peterson – Doom Brunch

Billie Chernicoff – Paper | Dresses

MTC Cronin – How Close

Joe Napora – Hail Emperor Donaldus Anas Gaius Octavius Trumpinus

Peter J. Grieco—At the Musarium

Susan M. Schultz— The Viewpoint Is Presumption

James Cook—Night Factory

Boyd Nielsen — Elegies Advance


Dispatches Editions

George Quasha – Poetry in Principle (Dispatches Poetics #1)

André Spears – XIII: Ship of State

Andrew DuBois – He She We / I Am White (a Dispatches Double Book)

Ed Sanders – Investigative Poetry

I Goldfarb – Commedia

Hugh Seidman – Status of the Mourned