I used to write my poems only in Farsi. After a couple years living in San Francisco I started to write poems in English, and translating those written in Farsi into English with assistance from Patrick James Dunagan, my relationship to both languages changed. It is as though I am comparing the two languages constantly in my mind. Words start to become more than their meaning. It seems that Farsi has moved from an unconscious level to one more conscious while English has sank from a conscious level into my sub-consciousness. They are both constantly clashing with, overlapping, and distancing from each other as language, object, syntax, meaning, and sound.

Meanwhile, some words appear as visual symbols for writing poetry, or making visual art. I use different techniques on metal to display similarities, and/or differences. To me, these objects are where I constantly am – in between. In some of the pieces, I used both Farsi and English typewriters to bring the two languages together. I used the Farsi typewriter to write some English alphabets and in others the English typewriter, or English letter stamps, to present my poems in Farsi.

In these pieces I use language sometimes as meaning, but mostly as an image, in order to expand the meaning of language itself and present a universal form.