(An OBU Manifesto)


OBU, for English-language poets, is to translate. Then translate the English poem into a different language. Then translate that translation back into English.

What was lost is mourned.

What is discovered is suspect.

What you read here is unknown because you do not know my name.

If you know only my name, you do not know me.

I am the Z in a world of Xs.

I read of “Artificial Intelligence” and created “Manual Artificial Intelligence.” (We are also still what we make.)

My son gave his first girlfriend a gold ring given him by my mother. It was an appropriate move, even if the girlfriend was the first, thus, unlikely to last by Las Vegas standards.

To be an effective mother is to preserve your gifts for your child’s children. The skipping of generations diminishes dilution through translation.

Dickinson’s Slant is accuracy.

Sex with robots was always inevitable.

Creators desire intimacy with what they create.

The poet looks for a reader.

But the poet also looks for Compassion.