A note to all authors — the SPD sale is definitely live now, and for the month of MARCH. Discounts of 70% will be taken at checkout, if you use the code RONE.

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. All proceeds go to SPD.

When Starcherone went belly-up a couple of years ago, I determined to work with both authors and their agents to make sure that rights to books could be transferred without problem and to continue to make our remaining stock of Starcherone titles in print and available for as long as possible. Small Press Distribution has been maintaining Starcherone’s stock of 25 titles for the past three years, although Starcherone has been, for all intents and purposes, defunct during this time. Any funds generated by SPD sales have been circulated back into maintaining our stock in their warehouse, paying annual fees, and the like.

Now, the relationship between SPD and the shell of Starcherone must end — warehousing and maintenance fees will soon by overtaking the revenues generated by these titles. In conversation with Brent Cunningham at SPD, we have arranged a final “fire sale” of Starcherone titles, which will be available in February (so I am told) at 25%. The remaining copies of all Starcherone titles will be part of the sale. By going to www.spdbooks.org and doing an advanced search listing Starcherone in the publisher category, you can see what titles will be on sale and the remaining stock.