Dear Friends,

Dispatches from the Poetry Wars is declaring a moratorium, as of this message, on all submissions until further notice. Please do not submit anything without an advance query.

If you send a query and don’t hear anything back from us, it means we are overwhelmed (as we have been for some time) and just can’t do it at this time.

We have a backlog of material, which we will be posting bit by bit, over the coming couple months, leading up to our Summer release, which will be largely solicited and quite something.

Among the materials to come is Portfolio in honour of David Meltzer, compiled and edited by Patrick James Dunagan, features on the critic Lee Bartlett, the James Liddy circle in Milwaukee, the poetry of disability, and never-before-seen essay by Charles Olson written for the lecture series that made up The Special View of History but not included in the book—edited by John Faulise, it is a significant contribution to the body of Olson’s work.

So stay tuned for that, along with lots of other fabulous items.


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