“Joshua Hoeynck’s Staying Open: Charles Olson’s Sources and Influences sheds further light on Olson’s inspirations and offers renewed perspectives that should find a prominent place in the canon of Olson studies. Framed by John Livingston Lowes’ ideas on the imaginative process, the intellectually stimulating essays in this volume weigh the origins of Charles Olson’s theories and verse as they relate to diverse areas of study—from the physiological and psychological to the ecological and epistemological. By hearkening to Lowes’ process of creative association, this study reminds us of the seemingly endless connections between, and permutations of, Olson’s ideas, his words, and our world.”
-John Woznicki, editor of The New American Poetry: Fifty Years Later
Book details: Staying Open: Charles Olson’s Sources and Influences
by Joshua A. Hoeynck
ISBN: 978-1-62273-430-6https://vernonpress.com/book/485