Dear Emily Post-Avant,

I am a friend of David Fenza, who has just been summarily fired as Executive Director of the AWP, after a tenure at the organization of twenty-nine years.

David Fenza Out as Executive Director of AWP

It is stunning to me and others that he was fired in such Trump-like fashion, without being given even the slightest courtesy of explanation by the AWP Board of Directors. And that this firing was done at a meeting of the Board, at the Marriot Hotel, in Tampa, on the last day of the AWP conference in that same city, a conference which Fenza had worked very hard to make a success. (If a violin wakes up four or five thousand people short of last year’s wood, it is too bad for the wood, but not necessarily its fault!). When I see Poetry Big Shots strutting about in the spirit of Mr. Trump and his fellow neo-fascists, I begin to nod my head at what you are saying at Dispatches concerning the rapid devolution of our Field into the most rancid institutional shit.
May the AWP now implode. It is rotten to the core. Boycott the AWP.

– Friend of Former AWP Executive Director David Fenza


Dear Friend of Former AWP Executive Director David Fenza,

Yeah, aren’t these Poetry bureaucrats the most hilariously clueless people you could ever imagine? I mean, yeah, let’s be like REAL SMART and imitate Donald Trump.


Unless Mr. Fenza did something really, really bad we don’t know about, I say to the guillotine with these sorry Po-Biz bastards. Long live the revolt.

Thanks for writing, and I hope, at least, that your friend wasn’t fired a couple days before he was eligible for a pension!

– Emily Post-Avant