For other signers of the petition — like poet Michael Boughn, who co-edits Dispatches From the Poetry Wars — this is the latest evidence of the Poetry Foundation’s “bourgoisie” tendencies. The Poetry Foundation’s 2018 IRS filing reported $633,496 in compensation for its officers, including $388,165 for President Henry Bienen. “I find it really awful,” Boughn said of officers’ salaries. “There are GoFundMe campaigns for poets to afford food, forget about medical care.”

One of those GoFundMe campaigns is for poet Sotère Torregian, who was associated with the New York School of poets in the mid-1960s. At 79, he now lives alone in Stockton, California. He has a number of health problems, including congestive heart failure and debilitating pain in his right hand and arm that make it difficult to write. He fears COVID-19.

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