Dispatches from the Poetry Wars is pleased to announce the launch of Dispatches Editions (an imprint of Spuyten Duyvil Press). We begin with the publication of Homage to the Pseudo Avant-Garde by Kent Johnson.

Read the Preface here.

A poetry embroiled with poetry. Poetry pitched into the fractious lineage, presented as a colloquy of voices—most of which never queue you; they’re all so perfervid to have their say. A signature convention pinched from one poet or another is catalyst enough for Johnson’s ventriloquy to toggle between papyrus and blogosphere, homage and invective. Farcical, sprawling, lyrical, smashed, shimmering, and without mercy.

– C.D. Wright

The provocation of Johnson’s poetic is not an end in itself. Instead, he repeatedly challenges our most basic assumptions about what poetry can (and cannot) do.

– Bill Freind, Denver Quarterly

Johnson represents our fiendish blind spots, the nature of those far cries of human murderousness alongside the fragility of identity and dignity…in hope of replenishing the means of our deliverance.

– Lissa Wolsak