A terrific essay by Miriam Nichols on her Robin Blaser biography, Performing the Real, at Itinéraires

“For those readers who might not know us, I want to introduce my subject and myself first by way of getting around to my colleague’s question. Robin Blaser was a poet, born in Denver, Colorado, 18 May 1925, and raised in Idaho. Denver, it was, to cover up a pregnancy that came before the marriage it made exigent. His father and grandmother worked for the railroad and he was raised at train stops in the Idaho desert until his parents moved to the town of Twin Falls in 1936, when he was eleven. Blaser was clever, ambitious, good at school, and socially graceful. He was also motivated to succeed in ways best understood by the alienated. Place a young gay man who writes poetry, plays piano, studies French, and takes secret ballet lessons in a depression-era working class household where the family business is trucking and all expectable hostilities follow.”

I Am Writing a Biography


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