Against the Turkish Occupation and Ethnic cleansing of KURDS in North & East Syria

Since the establishment of the Kurdish democratic autonomous self-administration in North and East Syria (DASA), the border between Turkey and North and East Syria has been highly secure, and no armed actions against Turkey have originated from this territory. In recent talks mediated by the US administration between the DASA and the Turkish state, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have demonstrated their willingness to work for lasting peace.

The new statement released by the White House, US President D. Trump has violated the agreement negotiated between the DASA and the Turkish state. This statement demonstrates that the US has seemingly abandoned the Kurds, resulting in an area which has been, until now, an oasis of stability and coexistence in Syria, having to face another period of bloody conflict.

Erdogan and his authoritarian regime represent totalitarian dictatorship, militarism and violent persecution of minorities, and the Kurds and their allies in North and East Syria. More than 11,000 men and women from the security forces of North and East Syria gave their lives to liberate this region from ISIS, to protect the peoples of North and East Syria and to provide them with a better future, and over 22,000 more were wounded in this hard-fought campaign. By doing this, the world was protected from ISIS brutality.

An invasion of the region by Turkish forces will create circumstances in which ISIS can be revived and commit crimes against humanity, once again becoming a threat to the entire Middle East, Europe and the world causing untold death and destruction and compelling millions to flee their homes and become refugees.

Therefore, we call upon the international communities and civil society organizations worldwide to take action against the Turkish Occupation and Ethnic cleansing against KURDS in North & East Syria on the 12th October 2019.

-Stop the Turkish occupation
-Stop Turkish Ethnic cleansing

International Rojava Solidarity Committees