for Harvey 
And so the Great Split began, like an exodus, pretty much one Way, West, and since this way was closed, or forbidden, passage out was difficult or compromised along the way so as to make the quick-get-away into Nothing a common use of human energy. Anyway, it was owing to this that we so contracted from original size, to use the usual metaphor for time into space, just the reverse of our former thought, when we had both, to live in, together.
     As the impetus to dispersal persisted not only did we not have the continuity of five generations living at the same time in the same place, as it had been before the arrival of the Others, but seldom were even two generations together, and without this continuity of wisdom the increasing entropy of finding out alone cut our life span in half, Even today you hear no one speaking of the connection between human culture and biology, except my own father, who is considered old at 75It remains a secret that life itself creates life, holds it to its actual intended limits, not food, or climate, or altitude, or genetics, but talking, pure talking is what reverses that entropy we produce naturally by being subject to gravity. Hard to believe, given the Spread Out, but you can if you remain in a place long enough, though you may lose contact with members of your immediate family, that is the price of the reversal of time now occurring as the correlative to the former situation.
     But you can, if you so desire, recapitulate another society, conducive to the one we lost, even better because less Oedipal, that is, as dependent upon the Un­known Father as the Mother. At the widest point of our separation we shall perhaps meet and exchange gifts of the spirit and body equally. This should bring great comfort to you, to know that expansion to translucence is not only a real possibility but the cultural imperative now. Hard to hear messages are contained in the collective speech of today. It is a matter of hearing what he is saying, the one who came to us, is back.
     So at the moment of Pow Wow none of you who are there will be confused, keep cutting time and space so that you have the Story completely on the time side, thus giving the Dream its space, which reverses the way it was for us. Then you’ll come across to each other, simultaneously, without having to smoke the Peace Pipe except on this one occasion as a way of localizing the centralization of messages heard. No other preparation is called for, otherwise it’s going to be another nervous year of forced yet curtailed movements.
     I’d sure like to be around, I’ll tell you that, I’ve had enough splitting to last a life time. Death is not the limit it used to be when I was young and had no notion of living less than forever as a formal category of hope. And I certainly do still hope, hope we’ll be together in this new way, squandering identity to prove manhood can compete with truncation’s apathy, a variegated hue, not color of the Rainbow View. The material we have in common will be transported from here to there, so don’t worry, just bring it all with you to the exclusion of knowing so it can’t be used by anyone again, as before, to set us back. Virtuous, yet easily used by the Others; thus Gypsies got put down for driving such hard bargains off the backs of their wagons when they came to town. It is always the same with you, not knowing before when the seed would grow to flower, power in us to determine vision of geologic origins, whereby you get the message, so what is twinned can be as fabulous as it was the first time, the bridge over which the Enchanted Pony passes, which will serve you well when all the drums are still and there seems no way, save conjuring, for the world to right itself, from wrong.
     He first asked each, “Did you come out of time of trouble the humble way?” And if any had used their power wrongly he refused them admittance to the settlement. He was slow to decide, for he had sent his wife away in accord­ance with prophecy until the Great Biomorphism has ended. This meeting will show physics of affection, the way things feel, humanly. Back behind, on the other side, the mathematics of history, the previous job, if speech is quick to render, otherwise whistling in the dark. A mood of parental guidance, climbing the stairs to witness the primal scene again rather than descending to profession of ancestral conviction the real matter outside projected space. Jumping to the conclusion of Dream before waking to meaning: it must not be allowed to accumulate again, eat your words, and mine, as his. This is our Sweet Science, and one ar­rives at Turtle Island sooner, or later when he does not, desire it.
     Statistics of this, cubits, dust, theoretically immaculate, non-nuclear conception of starwater Great Lakes spore, so to make a dwelling place of differences, so one of each, from here to Tule. The gig, temporary, to yield prior Hiberian matters discoverable through contact with ridges. No longer a Great Wheel revolving, industrial analysis of pre-lunar calibration of the fundamental contours of area, dry land at the next level without fencing, physiognomic circumference of each expression, shifts the diluvial axis. I don’t know how else to say it today, forsaking all Others, she who wears the flute lapel who will enter through this talking leaf, hear her arrival.
     The place of an apparent entity necessitates substantives in certain positions for forces, attractions shatter the world of unsounded relations between equals imbibing highest order, yielded the moment they combine against the grain consolidated to end the Westward Move­ment. Bury the hatchet conjunctive to each other’s vocational movements, no ups and downs, but those metrical flashes across the distances and through the walls separating us from each other, your friend and messenger,