A Note about Being on Time

The Pensive Man calendar is, as it has to be, all about Time. And it is, though it need not be, a critique of Space. The curious can look to my aBullHead.com to the Orality / Literacy posts, especially the Splits : Time & Space / Speech & Writing / Sound & Sight / Protestant & Catholic / Communism & Fascism … . The non-curious need not.

The calendar is to me a book. And a good book should surprise the writer as well as a reader. And, to date, I am often surprised, and pleased, by some connects that appear on the same page:  bp nichol and his good friend Karl Young dying, though different years, together again / Sid Hatfield and Lolita Lebron dying on the same date / My friend from my time in Nicaragua, Suzanne Doerge, and Ben Linder, killed by Reagan’s terrorist army, 3 days apart / Kent Johnson a couple days from Edward Snowden /  David Schmidlapp, photographer and chronicler of graffiti art a day after Saul Steinberg / Csaba Polony exiled from Hungary, an old friend from highschool and editor of Left Curve, and Attila Josef on the same date / Jack Keroauc and Charlie Parker together /Dogen Zenji & Mary Laird, master book artist / Charles Birchfield and Charles Olson (as a moderating influence of the painter on the poet).

The Pensive Man