“Many readers may feel the Institute’s endeavors and the Curriculum are products of an “in crowd” of the devoted. Yet the Curriculum does offer far more than that. It’s difficult to understand how any reader would look at the completed whole with a dismissive attitude. The approaches taken by authors and the subjects covered within each fascicle are so widely divergent, embracing competing shifts of style and attendant world views from fascicle-to-fascicle that surely there’s something for everyone to engage with. There are diaries/journals, ecstatic visions, poems, letters, translations, occult sermons, critical engagements, diatribes and incendiary evocations. The texts are by men and women, the gay and the straight. Throughout the work, there is an abiding certainty that none of these individual works were tampered with, silenced, denounced, or otherwise watered down.”
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