Why God Is a Woman

Nin Andrews

BOA Editions, $16.00

The Michael Pence Reading Advisory Committee has evaluated this text and recommends the following: This book should be burned repeatedly and constantly as it undermines our high standards of national nudity and makes readers feel sexually ambiguous.


The Complete Poems of A. R. Ammons

Vol. 1 1955-1977

Vol. 2 1978-2005

  1. R. Ammons

W.W. Norton, $49.95 each

Surely this rumor cannot be true: A scruffy crew of unemployed MFA poets, jacked on a cocktail of Red Bull and Remy Martin, composed these poems, which are gathered here in two incomplete editions.


Multitudinous Heart: Selected Poems

Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Tr. Richard Zenith

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $25.00

Cento review: “Attention: There are sins large and small.  By ruthless milkmen of evil.  The Machine of the World gleams and all the fish died.  Keep going?  Milk or blood links me to the world.  Roll our million words.  I’ve lost track.  O solitude of no meaning.  Attention.”


Critical Assembly: Poems of the Manhattan Project

John Canaday

Univ. of New Mexico Press, $19.95

A small chapel in the New Mexico mountains where pilgrims come to give their offerings to the Lord of the Holy Bomb: There I will place my copy of this book, on the altar, right below the crucified gadget.


Quartet for J. Robert Oppenheimer: A Poem

Kelly Cherry

LSU Press, $21.95

When I ran into J. Robert at a nuclear rehearsal, I asked him if this book captured the “he” and “I” and “who” of him, and he said: “The surrealist believes this is the best of all possible worlds.  The somnambulist fears it is true.”


Into English: Poems, Translations, Commentaries

Ed. Martha Collins & Kevin Prufer

Graywolf Press, $20.00

“Translate this,” you might be told one day in a darkling alley:  And brandishing your GAT ™ (Google Aural Translator) you’ll offer “Translate this” in every known language, including some that have long been extinct, and a few that have yet to be discovered.



Donika Kelly

Graywolf Press, $16.00

Which calls forth the unsavory question: Where amongst all these many mythical beast poems is there one for that lumbering creature known for its unnatural orange hair, its swollen thumbs, its twitterous thought, its tie so easily confused for tongue?


Collected Poems

Galway Kinnell

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $35.00

What do 640 pages of poetry leave us with?: “Aceldama,” “goaf,” “sloom,”  “orts,” “howk,” “biestings,” “moils,” “drouking,” “sothic,” “dunch,” “slorped,” “noggles,” “plouters,” “smither,” “gowpen,” “spealbone,” “fenks,” “scummaging,” “hirpled,” “noggles,” “desquamations,”  “sordes,” “pronontum,” “gurry,” “droozed.”


Wolf Centos

Simone Muench

Sarabande Books, $14.95

Cento review: “Other laws rule here.  I have been dead.  You have survived your closed eyes.  Let me lick if you wish your mouth’s other false eye.  I lick away this deep trajectory on the animal heart.  What doesn’t love us lick away.  Saliva and sweet meat that wasn’t supposed to last.  Eros is a parenthesis I lick away.”



Maggie Nelson

Wave Books, $16.00

Warning missing from the cover of this book: Not suggested for those who become dizzy or nauseous reading about or visualizing various shades of the unspeakable color indicated by the unmentionable title of this vertiginous volume.


Collected Poems

Marie Ponsot

Knopf, $35.00

Which calls forth this untimely question: When a poet is not known among the esteemed literati, does that mean there’s something deficient with the poet, or with our beloved literati?


Collected Poems

Adrienne Rich

W.W. Norton, $50.00

Warning missing from the cover of this book: If hollowed, this item could be made into a most dangerous weapon.


Make Yourself Happy

Eleni Sikelianos

Coffee House Press, $18

“Don’t be frightened  THIS IS ART,” states a line in this book: Stamp it on every book of poetry, on every poem you can find, which will make you pretty damn happy.


Once in the West

Christian Wiman

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $15.00

Cento review: “Sing a little nonce / antbites/ of irritation / to fuck unseen / even the Demon / in the laughteryawn / I mean / donkey dentures / I mean drycleaned deacons / I mean / all the years / to be mean / laughdamning / of shit. / Enter the pug.”


Coming soon: The microreview that can be applied sight unseen to every book of poetry published in 2018.