Poet in Spain: Federico Garcia Lorca

Translated by Sarah Arvio

Knopf, $35.00

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Lorca, and Lorca was the Word, though some will tell you the Word was Pound, and others will say Reagan, and still others Oprah.


When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities

Chen Chen

BOA Editions, $16.00

When a poem refuses to grow up, it’s oh so charming.  Let it run in circles, let it chase insect drones, let it frolic in the ice floes.  When a poem refuses to grow up, it’s an act of resistance, a return to our original Frank O’Hara nature, a sophisticated way of walking on the ceiling while knowing yet not knowing we’re all asleep, walking on the ceiling.


Flarf: An Anthology of Flarf

Edited by Gardner, Gordon, Mesmer, Mohammad & Sullivan

Edge Books, $30.00

For maximum effect, read this volume aloud while inserting tongue into toaster and plunging one foot into the toilet of your choice.  Avoid children with tonsils.  Bacon may be substituted.  Repeat as kneaded.



Poet in Spain: Federico Garcia Lorca

Translated by Sarah Arvio

Knopf, $35.00

“Have you seen the new translation of Lorca?” says Lorca.  “I don’t think I want to see it,” says Lorca.  “It only makes me want to impale myself on the moonsick horns of a bull.”  “That sounds so Lorca-like,” says Lorca.  “Oh no,” says Lorca.  “That’s a Lorca translation.”


The Sun and Her Flowers

Rupi Kaur

Andrews McMeel Publishing, $16.99

the poems / in lower case / must be true / must be real / as they appear / in lower case / like a sun / like literal / like flowers / that bloom / in lower / lower case / because / the words/ the poems / the poet / so true / but / how could it not be / how could it / not be / because the poems/ the words/ lower/ lower case /are real / say it again / real / lower case poetry.


Devotions: Selected Poems

Mary Oliver

Penguin, $30.00

There is absolutely no truth, no evidence of any kind whatsoever to confirm the rumor that Devotions has been composed by a Mary Oliver computer program.  And there’s no reason to be concerned that Mary Oliver is allegedly in hiding (in Tuscany) while the Mary Oliver Program churns out ever more Mary Oliver poems while Mary Oliver refuses to write another Mary Oliver poem (in Tuscany).


Poet in Spain: Federico Garcia Lorca

Translated by Sarah Arvio

Knopf, $35.00

“It says, ‘I killed Federico Garcia Lorca’ on your back,” Lorca told Sarah Arvio.  “You are such a lovely liar, Lorca,” said Sarah Arvio.  “Every translator kills me,” said Lorca, “but I am not so easy to keep killed.  And besides, blood has a beautiful color.”


Nine Coins / Nueve Monedas

Carlos Pintado

Akashic Books, $15.95

Borges is dead, Borges passes amongst us every day: the carrier of a plastic sack filled with aluminum cans, the avocado in a baby’s diaper, the presidente with hair of corn silk, that jar of quicksilver a kid brings to school, the poet’s face filled with fragments of a mirror glued to facial flesh with a poetic glue gun.


Iron Moon: An Anthology of Chinese Work Poetry

Edited by Qin Xiaoyu

Translated by Eleanor Goodman

White Pine Press, $16.00

When will Knopf ever release Radioactive Earth: An Anthology of American Work Poetry, edited by Ivanka and Jared Trump?


Poet in Spain: Federico Garcia Lorca

Translated by Sarah Arvio

Knopf, $35.00

“And what if I had been born in Hoboken?” wonders Lorca.  “Would they praise my native lore, my native accent?  Would they write a book called Poet in Hoboken: Federico Garcia Lorca?  Or would they say, ‘Oh, no, not another Lorca translation’?”


Bigly: Donald Trump in Verse

Rob Long

Regnery Publishing, $14.99

As e.e. cummings said while reading this book a century ago, “There is some shit I will not eat.”


A House by Itself: Selected Haiku

Masaoka Shiki

Translated by John Brandi and Noriko Kawasaki Martinez

White Pine Press, $15.00

Don’t go near this book / dear poets, or you’ll never / write another poem.


Poet in Spain: Federico Garcia Lorca

Translated by Sarah Arvio

Knopf, $35.00

Lorca was an orca and he devoured children, tulips, puppies, and mustaches.  He swallowed Franco and spewed him out and swallowed him again.  Lorca was an orca and he excreted horses, automobile moons, tapeworms, and translators.  Limbs of translators afloat in the sea.