And you live in a place where there are forums on topics ranging from science and math, guns, and finance to various specialized kinds of porn. The site is heavy on anime and porn, but it is a fairly complete world. It is a gathering place of the alt right. All of the posts are anonymous and image driven; the comments are illiterate. The posters may be teenagers in Eastern Europe or grandfathers in Peoria. Several people post the President, others as the Pope.  In the lit forum, some of the people who comment on Ulysses may have read some of it. Someone asks for recommendations of low-IQ lit. Everyone is anonymous—the members of your family, your lovers, your friends, your work associates; all as anonymous as the people on the subway. The leader of your country, the head of your cult, your shrink, and the bartender are anonymous. Whatever is said is said because whoever says it is bored or wants to be someone else or wants to follow the consequences of what is said even though the saying of whatever has no consequences.

Everyone is someone else. Everything you know is from anonymous sources—the rumor that your barber is a Russian spy, the news, the anonymous experts on literature and physics. Stephen Hawking could not be Stephen Hawking. It may be that Karl Marx is not the real Karl Marx; Willliam Carlos Williams is not William Carlos Williams; Paul Krugman is not Paul Krugman.


Or may not be.

Thus, 11-21-16, Brooklyn, NY