A bland room with peeling beige wallpaper and mind- numbing paintings which were apathetically arranged on the walls. The restaurant’s demeanor matched that of the zombie-like state the waiters were in as they stood there with blank faces, sluggish to serve anyone who walked through the door. Muffled talking came from my dad as he tried to connect with me, yet my mind wandered. It wandered through the restaurant and my head slowly lowered as my fish-eyes glazed across the restaurant. Desperation clouded my better thinking as I looked around for something to latch onto and cure the endless boredom that felt like waiting for my number to be called at the DMV.  While my eyes sought, a dull yet mesmerizing shade of brown obstructed my vision. And as I continued to stare my eyes narrowed, as the boredom shifted to amazement. The lobsters stared back at me as they waited to be freed from their tanks. I watched as they piled onto each other or walked from one end of the tank to the other end. Their large claws were held bound by ugly, blue rubber-bands that seemed crusted and dried out, despite the wet environment. My utensils clattered on the cheap plate as I stood up and walked over to the tank in enchantment. I peered into the tank and pressed my face against the glass. My breath clouded the glass as the lobsters paid no mind and continued their daily routine, completely oblivious to my presence. Were they like me?  Was I one of them? Dad snapped me away from my trance as he tugged me out of the restaurant and pulled me further and further from the tank. We passed by the hostess as she gazed at us. Her smile tugged at us, and continued to do so as my dad opened the door. The doors to the restaurant slowly closed as I caught a last glimpse at the prepossessing brown color that shaded the lobsters.

Goodbye lobsters, Goodbye ugly restaurant with all your glory. My memories here shall remain with you, inside a tank, with only a few shrugs from passersby.

Leah Seidman is a young Mexican-American and Jewish author.  She resides in the San Fernando Valley, where she was born, and where she enjoys reading Kafka, listening to classic Punk music, drawing, and watching movies