The Great Reigns, a Tribute to Erica Hunt – from Adrienne Amato and andrew whiteman

melopoeia - andrew whiteman phanopoeia  - Adrienne Amato

Tears Streak, by Anne Waldman – from andrew whiteman, Adrienne Amato, and Sonic Poetry

logopoeia - Anne Waldman melopoeia - andrew whiteman phanopoeia - Adrienne Amato

Minera – The Miner’s Song

MINERA - THE MINERS' SONG On July 5th, 2012, flamenco singer Rocio Marquez descended into the carbon mine at Santa Cruz de Sil (Spain) to sing a…

Poetry Is (speaking portraits), by George Quasha

Check out George Quasha's Vimeo series, Poetry Is (speaking portraits

Tribute to Juliana Spahr, by andrew whiteman

Objectivist Michigan Poetry Conference 1973, introduction by Steel Wagstaff

In June 1973, Robert Vas Dias organized the second of three biennial National Poetry Festivals in Allendale, Michigan, where he was serving as the…

from The Contractor’s Song, by Tom Pickard

Twts_Untitled-1 from Michael Boughn on Vimeo.

Cid Corman readings from John Levy and Steel Wagstaff

Cid Corman and his wife Shizumi Konishi Corman opened CC's, a coffeeshop in Kyoto, in 1973. Cid had been living in Japan since 1962 (although he had…

Special Dispatch: Recovering a Suppressed and Vital Document of Post-War American Poetry

  Around a decade ago, writing in the Contemporary Poetry Review (in a review of Louis Zukofsky: Selected Poems, ed. by Charles Bernstein,…